My gratitude to Art’s Council England for funding the second part of The Weather Report

The first exhibition and workshop has come and gone at the Hive, in Shrewsbury. Warmly received.

The central image shows a black woman's hands hold a large white conch shell. The background is a green translucent sea. A turquoise blue box surrounds the image. Bold black and white text at the top says The Weather Report. At the bottom it says Exhibition by Jill Impey.
Poster for The Weather Report Exhibition at The Hive, Shrewsbury
A 5 X 4 grid of Post cards  overpainted with oil sketches of skies. Photographs of young peoples' faces as well as bridges and rivers are obscured by painted clouds and sky scapes.
Installation View
3 large TV screens, set out in a row, are showing different films , a White building against a blue sky, a white woman's bent hands hold a large white conch shell, a turquoise blue sea from the side of a boat with a rusty chain. They appear to be connected by black wires to a large white conch shell on a white box. Two large sofas are positioned in front of the television screens.
Installation View

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