Unfortunately, I have had to postpone my event on the 14th of March as both of the BSL interpreters are now unable to take part.

While this is disappointing it gives me more time to fully explore this area and to work more closely with BSL interpreters and the Deaf community in Wolverhampton.

The event will now take place on Tuesday 21st November 6 till 8 pm, All Welcome.

Meantime I heartily recommend the exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which won’t be on in November. Have a look at www.shemza.digital

The square poster is on a green background. Text is in alternate blocks of black and white. At the top it says ‘a film and Participatory workshops touring, England, Wales and New Zealand and underneath in large letters ‘The Weather Report’ .
The photograph below is of a white woman’s hands, cradling, a large white conch shell. A calm turquoise sea is in the background. The fingers have gold jewelled rings on them. The fingers have swollen knuckles. The hand supporting the base of the shell is bent backwards. 
The text underneath the image says ‘what does it mean to be a good ancestor?’

The Next event will be the Exhibition at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury April 14th. to May 14th.

with screenings and workshops on Saturday May 13th. 2023

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