The Weather Report exhibition, screenings and workshops 

April 14th to May 14th. 2023 at Theatre Severn

My Arts Council England funded Project, “The Weather Report” is back in Shrewsbury in April, with an opening event from 6-8pm on Friday April 14th.

The exhibition displays The Weather Report, a three screen film, as well as collaborative poetry and postcard artworks that are part of Jill’s socially engaged process.

The 14 minute film is a powerful and moving record of the voices of women from coastal, immigrant and creative communities in New Zealand and England. The women reflect on their relationships with heritage and feelings about the weather, the sea, migration and colonisation.

It’s calming yet thought provokingly honest, and heart whelming and made me want to go to the water and reconnect.  

         Wakerori Rooney, Maori contributor

At the public workshop on Saturday 13th. May 10:30-12:30pm. (pay as you feel £10 suggested) participants will watch the film and be guided by Lucida (Jill’s fictional historical character) who invites you to take inspiration from the film, use creative practices to boost wellbeing and explore what being a good ancestor means to you. 

I’ve just really enjoyed it. It’s nice connecting with people. 

Dave Cousins, Barmouth workshop.

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