aKIN Exhibition Workshop

“This is a time to take a lesson from mosses” Robin Wall Kimmerer, renound writer and botanist

Mosses have survived 350 million years of catastrophe. They are ecologically important, absorbing huge quantities of water, helping to soak up rainfall and create humidity, offering a home for creatures, like woodlice and nematodes.

There are around 1,000 bryophyte species of mosses and liverworts in the UK. Many require microscopes to distinguish between closely-related species, how can we get to know and learn from them?

For this workshop during Participate’s exhibition a-kin, Jill Impey will take you on a brief artist’s guide to learning from mosses. No experience necessary, there will be some fun drawing and mark making and a gathering of words to make poetry snippets you will need pencil / pen and A4 paper. 

Suitable for Adults & Children Age 8 upwards ( no unaccompanied children)

Session lasts 1 hour, Sunday 13th of February at 1 pm

Face to face: at the Unitarian Church Shrewsbury ( max 6 including carers – please note there are stairs up to the workshop room ) booking via : shrewsburyunitarians@gmail.com

Online via zoom: booking through Eventbrite:


The Weather Report: Post 8

A postcard from Plymouth, May 29th-June 4th. 2021

Weather was lovely, sunshine & cloud with a light wind close to the sea. I watched from the Hoe as the light grey fog that hung over Plymouth Sound on Wednesday afternoon, obscured the jagged volcanic rocks of Drake’s Island, then lift almost as soon as it came.

1940’s mental health nurse Lucida, having just returned from New Plymouth, New Zealand, had many fruitful interactions with visitors to her events, sharing stories and comparing experiences of the COVID 19 pandemic with WW2 and the post war period.

Many people recognised the importance of the moment, reflecting on the divisive events of 1948; the building of the Berlin Wall, the beginning of Apartheid in South Africa and the establishment of the State of Israel. All acknowledged the impact of those post war devisions and the need for global unity now, in 2021 not just for humanity but for all nature’s sake.

If ever there was a time to send a postcard it is now, we all live under the same sky, reach out and communicate.

Postcards available 5 for £5 inc P&P uk, please contact me for details

The Weather Report: Post 7

Set Fair : Plymouth 29th. May 2021

Finally arrived in Plymouth after much preparation and packing, and a beautiful green journey along the A49.

Preparation for Plymouth workshops & audio recording peoples voices

My character Lucida will be taking part in a community engagement today Saturday May 29th from 10-1pm at Teats Hill, and Monday 31st. & Tuesday 1st June 10-1pm in the Garden of the National Marine Aquarium, with Age UK Plymouth on Thursday and around Plymouth Harbour and various venues throughout the week see https://jillimpey.com/blog/ for further details. 

Lucida looking forward to meeting Plymouth folk and visitors

The Weather Report : Post 6

Parmeliaceae, Shield Lichen, fundamental allies, monoprint with collage
Looking to the skies for inspiration

April has brought brightness, new life, ideas and self-reflection:

I have been: enjoying delivering creative well-being engagement sessions, on-line and face to face, connecting with nature and connecting with eachother.

Swimming: in cold water

Listening to: Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake

Watching: A Year To Change the World, Greta Thunberg

Reading and Journaling (circle way) : Me and White Supremacy, Layla Saad

Word of the Month: Consciousness

The Weather Report : Post 5

This week I have been :

Curating the set up for my May/June face to face Workshops in Plymouth

Listening to: Eddie Izzard, Believe Me (audiobook)

Watching: This is Us, Amazon

Reading: The Little Book of Planting Trees, Max Adams

Thinking about: “believe me when I say we all can do more than we think we can do”

Eddie Izzard

Honouring : Rosemary, as it comes into flower

Post 4

Collaborative Poems

I love this part of my workshop process, when I have been working alongside participants engaging creatively together with natural objects. We share our thoughts, reflections and responses and make a collaborative poem.

This one is from Shropshire Supports Refugees’ volunteers responding to sea shells, borderless, unbounded and found :

Seeds, pearls, beginnings of treasured love, change you 

Evolving, complex, disjointed, unknown. 

Swoosh, dripping, organic, natural ridges. 

Borders, discover home, one life, a social echo, identity

Integrity an allegory as actor artist, to tell stories.

I’d be interested to know if it resonates with anybody who wasn’t there….

The Weather Report : Post 3


It is so important, in these times especially, to work with other people. To keep connecting and collaborating via zoom, phone, distanced walking and talking or all of the above. I’ve had some great interactions walking in parallel with artist Julie Louise Harrison via WhatsApp, followed by creating via zoom once home, since having to stop our monthly Thinking Path meet up to walk the Shropshire Way.  

I have enjoyed working with Director Ellen Edwin-scott to develop my conduit, character for The Weather Report Lucida Impey; an English Mental Health Nurse working in New Plymouth, New Zealand and about to return home in1948. Lucida delivers The Weather Report workshops via zoom through time and space from New Zealand (!) and will be returning to England in the spring to Plymouth Harbour (from where both James Cook and before that the Mayflower set sail for ‘The New World’ ) .

From this historic place she will make safely distanced conversation with passers by engaging them with the project themes of connection, commonality and migration, and talking about the weather. 

I’m looking forward to working with Kim Wide form Take A part, artists Still/Moving, and The Box, in Plymouth later in the project as part of the city’s Mayflower400 events.