The Weather Report : Inclusion, Collaboration, Connection Post 4

The Weather Report event at Wolverhampton Arena Theatre 2-4pm 14th. March 2023

I’m bringing my Arts Council England funded Project, “The Weather Report” to Wolverhampton , with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted performance on Tuesday 14th March.  Booking at :

The Weather Report event includes a 14 minute film screening in a two hour creative engagement with my fictional historical character “Lucida”. 

Lucida is an English mental health nurse just returned from working in New Zealand in 1948. I use this character to take people out of their ‘every day’ and consider how a sense of connection impacts on mental health and thoughts of ‘home’. 

Lucida offers a light-hearted, respectful approach to emotive and often serious subject matter. As we know, sometimes it’s easier to simply talk about the weather. 

The project is very much about communication, connection and inclusion. The BSL interpreted performance will add an extra dimension as well as being welcoming of Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

The subtitled short film, funded by Arts Council England in 2020/21, is a powerful and moving record of the thoughts and voices of women from coastal, immigrant and creative communities (in England in 2021 and New Zealand in 2019). They explore their feelings about the weather, the sea, migration, colonisation, notions of connection and what it means to be ‘A Good Ancestor’. 

The Weather Report event at the Dragon Theatre in  Barmouth in November was a great success. Participants watched the short film and guided by my fictional historical character ‘Lucida’ made drawings, collage, a collaborative poem and discussed what it means to be a good ancestor.

“I just enjoyed the session and it’s been nice meeting everybody and just talking about stuff. I’ve just really enjoyed it. It’s nice connecting with people.” Dave Cousins, Barmouth resident.

Participants completed a “Barometer of Change” postcard at the beginning and end of the session, using weather terminology (foggy, bright and low etc.) to describe their own internal weather report. 

“Mine was overcast, originally, and now feels warm. I’ve had the worst year of my life in the one just passed. It just helps I think, it’s not taken my mind off it. But, it’s helped me feel more grounded, and less dominated by the black cloud.” Janice Horrocks, Dragon Theatre Trustee

Lucida had a lovely response from the participants, People don’t always know what to expect from my workshops, because it is quite a unique experience that is difficult to explain. 

“It’s just a nice warm feeling. Because you’ve been and it’s a lovely, positive vibe, isn’t it? We’ve come here, and we’ve done this. It’s easy to say I can’t be bothered; it’s raining outside. I thought to myself, it’s raining, nobody’ll go. But it’s people making the effort, I’m going and I’m glad I did.” local resident Antoinette Whitehouse, said.

“I think doing this, it’s been allowing you to play this afternoon. And you know, some people might have felt uncomfortable with the drawing but once you start with the collage then that’s losing control again, isn’t it? And yet thats okay, there’s no right answer to this..…So I think that was really good fun.” Jane Cousins, local resident.

A small drawing black pen of a fir cone. A thought bubble is drawn  coming from from the fir cone. In it is written the words ' I am part of all the trees, part of an endless line'. In the bottom right corner is written 2 min and initialled, L.H.

Spontaneity, playfulness, reflection and the willingness to try were the order of the day. 

“I’ve gone from foggy to bright in creativity; I’m always a bit uncertain and I’m never sure which direction I need to go in. I feel actually, like you say, having a play kind of allows you to be spontaneous.” Janice commented.

“It’s almost like you need to instil that inner child part of you that likes to come out. I think it’s important, especially as adults, to keep that inner child part of us going, because that’s what keeps us in touch with our creative side. That’s what keeps our imagination  going.” added Dragon Theatre Arts Group facilitator Sharon Betts  

“One participant, Philippa Bunting, said she just couldn’t miss such a wonderful arts opportunity, which was music to my ears. Many thanks to Julie McNicholls Vale at the Cambrian News for publishing the event online and in the paper, some participants would have missed it otherwise,

Many thanks also to Janice Horrocks at The Dragon Theatre for her support, and for inviting me back to work with the Arts Group in the 2023.

A Barmouth Poem: Going Forward

the shell belongs to all of us

let’s stop defining one thing by comparing it to another

my life shouldn’t be a death sentence for the world 

the shell belongs to all of us

from me to you and back again 

and if I do not preserve my surroundings I do not preserve myself

the shell belongs to all of us

break the chain to escape and find the real you, make your own imprint believe and you can achieve

the shell belongs to all of us

oh I do like to be beside the seaside

The final event of the tour will be at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury with a one month exhibition from April 14th to May 14th 2023. There will be two opportunities to take part in the workshop event on Saturday May 13th. in The Haydn Smith Room.

The Weather Report : Inclusion, Collaboration, Connection Post 3

Jill Impey’s Arts Council England funded Project, “The Weather Report” is Touring to The Dragon Theatre Barmouth for 2 performances, on Tuesday 25th October. Followed by Raglan, New Zealand for 2 performances, on Friday 28th October. 

The Weather Report event includes a 14 minute film screening in a two hour creative engagement with the film maker and artist, performing as her fictional historical character “Lucida” in the UK . While in New Zealand, Jasmine Teei founder of Black Flax and one of the original contributors to the film. will deliver the project at The Old School Arts Centre in Raglan.

The poster has a green background. Black text at the top reads a film and participatory workshops touring England, Wales and New Zealand.

Underneath large text in black and white reads The Weather Report.
The image beneath this text is of white woman's hands cradleing a large white conch shell. A calm turquoise sea is in the background. The fingers have gold jewelled rings on them. The fingers have swollen knuckles. The hand supporting the base of the shell is bent backwards.
Text beneath the image reads
What does it mean to be a ‘good ancestor’ ? 
The Weather Report is a powerful and moving short film by artist Jill Impey. The film records the voices of women from coastal, immigrant and creative communities in New Zealand and England. The women reflect on their relationships with heritage and feelings about the weather, the sea, migration and colonisation.
Post-screening workshops with Lucida (Jill’s fictional character) invite you to take inspiration from the film and use creative processes to explore what being a good ancestor means to you. 
Booking at
Take part in a project about connection
column to the left reads
25th Oct. 2022 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm £5 adult £2.50 conc. 
The Dragon Theatre, Jubilee Road,  Barmouth LL42 1EF
Tel: 01341 281697
Bottom line logos 
Arts Council England and National Lottery Logos: Cartoon crossed fingers with eyes and a smile, far left . Arts Council England written in a circle format to the right. Text below says Lottery Funded. Text top right says: 'Supported using public funding by' in small letters then 'Arts Council England' in Large Capitals below.

Logo, The Dragon Theatre in White Celtic style text next to a white dragon on a dark red  background with a maroon dragon shadow behind the text.
Poster for the event at The Dragon Theatre in Barmouth

Art History and Contemporary Art

We can learn a lot about our world through art history and contemporary art by putting things into context.

I’m looking forward to running these 4 Art History and Contemporary Art sessions at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery starting with 
SAT 1 OCT, 2022
Portraits Art History Workshop with Jill Impey
Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Cost: £20/ session
booking at…/portraits-art…/

A portrait of a white woman in Tudor costume and text that says 'SM&AG SAT 1 OCT 2022 ART HISTORY With Jillmpey Portraits Courses 合 Shropshire Council'

The Weather Report : Inclusion, Collaboration, Connection Post 2

This week I have been reflecting on accessibility and inclusion.

In July for The Weather Report programme I took part in Accessible Marketing training by Paula Dower from DASH. I have started to implement some of the really important changes that I need to make in my communications.

I have also started to recognise some of my own accessibility needs as a neurodiverse artist.

I have always struggled with giving talks and decided to use visual notes with drawings and annotations. This enabled me to remember key points when I gave a talk to fellow artists: Andrew Howe, Jean Atkin, Emma Plover and Jamila Walker Thomas; Olivia Hames from the Hive and Kate Green from Meadow Arts.

A crumpled piece of paper with drawings and written notes on it. There is a lighthouse drawn on the left with the Dates 1620 and 2020 written on it. Some railings and the letters T-A-P and the name Kim Wide. On the right there is a drawing of New Zealand flax some wavy lines to represent the sea, 2019 NZ and the name Jasmine Teei are written. In the centre ACE is circled and underneath it SSR with a picture of clasped hands beneath. At the bottom the word PLYM-SEPT , T Severn + Hive Shrewsbury; Dragon Barmouth, Old Art School Raglan NZ. ( BSL) Wolverhampton Arena Theatre. Meadow : Share
My visual notes for a talk about The Weather Report. They include important dates, images and tour venues.

In other news:

I attended The Body as Vessel: Priya Mistry AKA What’s the Big Mistery, provoking, evoking and amplifying. (Axis Web)

I Visited British Columbia and was inspired by indigenous knowledge. I found affinity with Raven who teaches us to be creative, playful and curious.

A black stone carving of a dancing raven figure with human legs and feet mounted on a cedar tree trunk base.
Raven Dancer- Contemporary Blackstone Carving. Koskas ( Billy Dan ) Lilwat Nation, 2004

I’ve just booked a course in Mental Health First Aid with St John’s Ambulance. This will help deal with any issues that come up during workshops. It will help create a safer space.

This new knowledge will be embraced and disseminated in The Weather Report Inclusion Tool- Kit.

aKIN Exhibition Workshop

“This is a time to take a lesson from mosses” Robin Wall Kimmerer, renound writer and botanist

Mosses have survived 350 million years of catastrophe. They are ecologically important, absorbing huge quantities of water, helping to soak up rainfall and create humidity, offering a home for creatures, like woodlice and nematodes.

There are around 1,000 bryophyte species of mosses and liverworts in the UK. Many require microscopes to distinguish between closely-related species, how can we get to know and learn from them?

For this workshop during Participate’s exhibition a-kin, Jill Impey will take you on a brief artist’s guide to learning from mosses. No experience necessary, there will be some fun drawing and mark making and a gathering of words to make poetry snippets you will need pencil / pen and A4 paper. 

Suitable for Adults & Children Age 8 upwards ( no unaccompanied children)

Session lasts 1 hour, Sunday 13th of February at 1 pm

Face to face: at the Unitarian Church Shrewsbury ( max 6 including carers – please note there are stairs up to the workshop room ) booking via :

Online via zoom: booking through Eventbrite:

The Weather Report: Post 8

A postcard from Plymouth, May 29th-June 4th. 2021

Weather was lovely, sunshine & cloud with a light wind close to the sea. I watched from the Hoe as the light grey fog that hung over Plymouth Sound on Wednesday afternoon, obscured the jagged volcanic rocks of Drake’s Island, then lift almost as soon as it came.

1940’s mental health nurse Lucida, having just returned from New Plymouth, New Zealand, had many fruitful interactions with visitors to her events, sharing stories and comparing experiences of the COVID 19 pandemic with WW2 and the post war period.

Many people recognised the importance of the moment, reflecting on the divisive events of 1948; the building of the Berlin Wall, the beginning of Apartheid in South Africa and the establishment of the State of Israel. All acknowledged the impact of those post war devisions and the need for global unity now, in 2021 not just for humanity but for all nature’s sake.

If ever there was a time to send a postcard it is now, we all live under the same sky, reach out and communicate.

Postcards available 5 for £5 inc P&P uk, please contact me for details

The Weather Report : Post 6

Parmeliaceae, Shield Lichen, fundamental allies, monoprint with collage
Looking to the skies for inspiration

April has brought brightness, new life, ideas and self-reflection:

I have been: enjoying delivering creative well-being engagement sessions, on-line and face to face, connecting with nature and connecting with eachother.

Swimming: in cold water

Listening to: Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake

Watching: A Year To Change the World, Greta Thunberg

Reading and Journaling (circle way) : Me and White Supremacy, Layla Saad

Word of the Month: Consciousness